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How can Odell Group help me get an email campaign started?

Before you even write the first word of your email message, you need to fully plan your email marketing campaign. That means —

  • Setting measurable goals;
  • A solid strategy and planning are the foundation for successful email marketing program;
  • Determining your perfect target audience and segmenting your list;
  • Creating a campaign that aligns with your audience’s needs and wants;
  • Crafting clever subject lines and write engaging, short body copy

We'll help you do all of the above, and more!

Email Marketing Campaign "DOs"

  • Keep your creative, bright, colorful and SIMPLE
  • Keep your campaign message and offer strategy SHORT & SMART
  • Be consistent in your messaging throughout the campaign
  • Make sure your 'Call to Action' is clear
  • Use testing to optimize email campaign results
  • Use advanced, fun visual tactics to design more effective emails
  • Analyze and compare the results of different email campaigns
  • Establish a great value proposition
  • Click thrus: Make sure you have a great landing page to capture conversions to leads and sales
  • Respond to inquiries right away to further increase conversion potential