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Isn't print advertising dead? Why should I do print?

No, print advertising is NOT dead.

Print advertising in the 21st century is all about niche marketing. There is a specialty magazine for just about any subject you care to name. Special interest readers keep their print magazines for a very long time, using them as reference tools. A long shelf life and frequent referral to back issues means that readers keep seeing your ads long after they disappear into the internet ether.

Just think about it. Car enthusiasts love Car and Driver; travel buffs read National Geographic cover to cover and use it to make destination decisions for their vacations; home decorators and renovators? There is the ubiquitous and venerable Fine Homebuilding, and of course, House Beautiful to name just a couple. The list goes on. There are over 2800 magazine titles in print just in the U.S. and Canada — and that doesn't even include newspapers or trade journals!

Print advertising continues to be an integral component of a well thought out, strategic marketing plan.

We'll help you put together a viable print ad campaign using long established, successful methods.

  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Select the publications that specifically target and cater to your audience
  • Creative
  • Copy that includes a well-defined call to action or offer
  • Production
  • Analyze Results
  • Refine
  • Expand